About Us

Established in 2014,Shenzhen EBaiyun Technology Co.,Ltd targets to cross boarder smart logistics and e-commerce services platform. Within 3 years, EBaiyun has been evolving and developing based on rapid technology transformation and market demand. Ebaiyun has been highly recognized by international users.

EBaiyun technology puts great focuses on trading innovation, research and business development. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise, with several patents and intellectual property rights. The company also emphasizes on human-based management to promote and encourage happy, positive and progressive working atmosphere.

By using big data analysis, Ebaiyun has achieved much efficiency on distributions of resources at different logistics segments. Through the platform of professional operation, standardized process and advanced payment system, EBaiyun aims to provide more conveniences and enhance the image of modern logistics experiences .Let EBaiyun help enterprises to reduce the cost of communications, improve order efficiency, and ensure users to enjoy a fast and satisfactory international logistics services.

Main Business
  • Express Service

    Ebaiyun has a dynamic and customized courier express options to offer according to each of our customers’ businesses budget in transportation part. Therefore, it is considered cost-effective to many of our loyal users. Major Courier services such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX are capable of meeting many demands of shipping inquiry. Some of them accept battery products and related like Li-battery, cellphones, note pads, or for special cases, we can offer you tailored shipping solutions to make everything easy and speedy.

  • Air Freight

    Air freight is one of the core service competencies ofEbaiyun Logistics. Ebaiyun holds yearly pallet contract with airlines such as Etihad and China Southern. Also, it is acknowledged as the top agent of American Airline, British Airline, Singapore Airline, LAN cargo, as well as Korea Air.

  • Fba Amazon Handling

    We are a proven freight forwarding platform with world class experience in ensuring your goods are delivered either by sea, air or ground services direct to Amazon FBA warehouses. Saving time and increase profits with fulfillment by Amazon.

Main Business

"100" in the traditional Chinese culture refers to the meaning "many", "transport" refers to "transport, efficient usage", "net" means "networks and sharing." "Baiyun" together means: gathered means of transport resources in one with coverage of the world. And through the Internet, we match the right resources, provide users with seamless online international logistics solutions, and ultimately embody the Baiyun transportation as a "cross-border intelligent logistics services Platform ".