Ebaiyun Mission

To create more efficient and satisfying international logistics services

To continuously promote the healthy circles of international logistics, to create a better and reliable logistics platform, and to enhance the quality of logistics handling.

Ebaiyun Vision

To become the leader of the global smart logistics platform

We emphasize the core competencies such as standardized operations, instant quote results and carriers’ integration.

Ebaiyun Value

Sustainability-our commitment

Sustainability helps us reduce logistics layers and share the benefits with our customers. It permeates the way we do business, driving us to innovate and be creative in everything from warehousing operations to transportation, from solution design to procurement policy.

Ebaiyun Focus

Cross - border logistics intelligent service platform

Through the large data logistics resources matching and information exchange, Ebaiyun creates a standardized one-stop platform. We guarantee information transparency, operation efficiency, credit security, and quality international logistics services.

Ebaiyun Slogan

Logistics makes global commerce stronger

When you work with us, you get local attention and global logistics expertise, enabling you to move your products anywhere. Our logistics experts drive value into your international freight shipments.