DHL invests HK$2.9 in Hong Kong hub to boost capacity by 50 per cent


DHL Express, the biggest express service in the world,  is set to invest HK$2.9 billion (or US$371 million) in its Central Asia Hub in Hong Kong, which will hopefully bring an expected raise in the capacity of the hub by 50 per cent.

The expansion is estimated can be completed in the first quarter of 2022, by then it would be able to process 125,000 shipments per hour, as opposed to its current 75,000, which will equate to around 1.06 million tonnes per year.

The rapid growth of demands for international trade in the region and around the world is the reason for the expansion, says Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express.

“Given the expected rise in international e-commerce and intra-Asian trade,” Allen said at a recent press conference, “DHL is committed to strengthening our global network and services.”

Ken Lee, CEO of DHL Express Asia-Pacific, added that the facility will be equipped with fully automated X-ray inspection machines. “it will increase the speed of our shipment inspection by three times – enabling us to significantly expedite the processing speed of shipments that come through the CAH.”


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