Send by DHL china to US/UK? Wanna get a quote of DHL shipping?


DHL is the leading company of global market in the logistics industry, providing excellent service to more than 220 countries and territories. I want to start the article with my experience with DHL.

I got a document sent by DHL express from Europe, and I surprised by its high quality service. The parcel was dropped into the plane as soon as it was picked, after about 15-hours trip arrived at Hong Hong, and then shipped to Shenzhen after passing a quick clearance event, only a few hours later finally I got the document. How amazing the DHL service is! No wander DHL shipping is best choice for international express.


Now let us talk about how to send package by DHL from China to US/UK. Usually you can have an account in DHL official website, however, the price from DHL directly is much more expensive than that from some direct agents.

Here it is a websiteBY56 smart logistics platform allows you to search cheap shipping solutions for your shipment, and it functionally works like a flight-ticket-search website.


This tool is very simple and easy to use, user only need to select the origin, destination and the measurement information. There are many shipping solutions from many logistics companies for your choice, so that you can compare and save the shipping rate. If you only want to use DHL then do it with the filter.


Since the English version of this website is still being updated, which is only available in search and compare the shipping rate temporarily. If you want to place an order on this website, you can contact the customer service and ask them to do it for you in the Chinese version of BY56 smart logistics platform. With such tool, you can get an online quote for DHL shipping