Special Offer for International Post From BY56 Logistics Platform, Up to 7% Off


When it comes to the annual peak period of cross-border shipping, the pain point of cross-border is always being complaint. Specially these recent two months, the cross-border ecommerce suffered a lot from the lack of shipping space, congestion in every shipping lane which has influenced greatly on the transmit time. Besides, the air freight price is more than twice as high as that in the last years. Such surge in the freight price is  fatal to ecommerce, whose business strategy is high volume and low margin. And there is still no ease in the signs of congestion.

Therefore, BY56 logistics offers the greatest discount of the year on Shenzhen China Post  with up to 7% off, which is the best global logistics solution from BY56 logistics platform. Shenzhen China Post  is the project that China post and BY56 logistics collaborate in depth. Shenzhen china post is favored by eCommerce sellers for its reasonable price and good customs clearance service.  

Pros of Shenzhen China Post:

1.  Reasonable price. Shenzhen China Post has absolute price advantage, comparing with the other shipping method ( Such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT etc.) Besides, it is cheaper than Hong Kong post.

2.  Post widely. China post can reach to every corner of the world as long as there is a local post office.

3.  Shenzhen China post is safe and higher delivery accuracy. All-the-way visual track, information updates on the same day of shipment.

4.  Fast shipping, 7-15 days on average. 5-10 days to Asian countries, 7-15 days to US and European countries. 7-30 days to the rest of countries.

 Shenzhen China post delivery rules:

1.  Suitable for general commodities less than 2 KG ( less than 1 KG shipping to Saudi Arabic ).

2.  Handling fee and tracking will be charged separately.

3.  Tracking website: http://www.17track.net

  Restrictions of Shenzhen China post:

  Cuboid: length + width + height≤ 60 CM, length14CMwidth9CM.

 Roll shape:  diameter*2+length≤104CMsingle length90CMdiameter*2 +length17CMlength10CM


If you want to inquiry any information about Shenzhen China post please contact BY56 logistics.