How can freight forwarding in China help your business


If you operate a eCommerce business and you need to purchase materials/commodities from china, also need to store and ship products from China. Finding cost-effective and on-time solutions can absolutely save you from a time-consuming logistical nightmare.

Freight forwarders, who are specialists in transportation logistics, customs, warehousing, security, and all aspects of shipping, can greatly simplify and streamline this process, saving you time and money.

However, it takes time to select a good freight forwarding company out of lots of freight forwarders in the market. Needless to say how time consuming to get instant quote from them. Besides, the freight rates are not always transparent. Just imagine how exhausting the price battle can be.

BY56 smart logistics platform concludes many mainstream logistics, and business range covers air&ocean freight, International express, FBA shipping etc.. The most important is that you can get a instant quotetotally transparent price and do ebooking within seconds by yourself, namely you do not have to spend time to inquiry any freight forwarders. In addition to that, BY56 also works as an customs broker who has the ability to help you do customs clearance. All you have to do is to transmit your documents on its platform.


Logistics optimization & Insurance

Is it important for your shipment to be protected and not compromised? Do you have the systems and people in place who ensure its security? How about the most reliable and economical insurance to protect yourself in case of loss or damage?


BY56 allows users to purchase the insurance for their goods directly. Ordering a shipment on BY56 logistics platform fulfills all your logistics needs. No need to worry about how to ship cargo from China any more!