Get the fast shipping service in Amazon busy season


The peak season for Amazon sellers is coming, which is also the most expected season over the year, as the sales volume may be as much as the half of the whole year’s. However, problems come with continues orders. In order to save the sellers from the troubles, BY56 logistics collated the related shipping problems that may occur to Amazon sellers and mentioned some precautions to those problems (reference only).
Problems that may happen

1. Clearance Delay: Some countries are relatively stricter with examination of goods, and the examination rate is higher than the others.
2. Delivery Delay: Due to the large demand of shipment, many shipping channels are tend to be overbooked, which causes shipping delay easily.
3. Loss goods and low precise rate of delivery
      When the shipment orders soaring, there may be some problems occur, such as loss of goods and mis-delivery etc..To avoid these situations, Amazon sellers should be proactive to contact suppliers for the logistics updates, and make the appointment when it is necessary according to the shipment demands of suppliers. Meanwhile, declare the goods in time, and pay attention to the political situations of any countries as well as being aware of the updated information of shipping.

Pros and cons of common logistics channels

Amongst the main stream International Express like DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, UPS is better at custom clearance; DHL takes less transmit time; Fedex has an advantage of motor carriers; TNT has an advantage in Europe.

However, Commercial Express usually does not include customs clearance. If sellers want to avoid such problem, Air+delivery is the best choice (mainly for FBA shipping). 

Air+Delivery includes clearance and duty, but there is also risk. Because the goods in the aircraft should be declared by customs together, once a single bill of goods is detained, the rest of goods will be affected.

Japan: FedEx is the best delivery method to Japan, time-saving and competitive freight rate. DHL is fast too, but it is a little bit expensive. Free duty for the parcel of goods value less than 1000 JPY.

Unite States: The customs procedure for Express package takes less time in Unite States. But for the personal items that related to security and health problems will subject to stricter examination by customs.  

EMS has less troubles in customs clearance relatively. While the wireless electronic products sent by DHL and FedEx will be examined more seriously by customs. DHL is more capable to deal with customs than FedEx, although FedEx is cheaper.

As for customs clearance, detention may be caused by these reasons: 

1. Special Commodities: Such as glasses, beauty equipment, and medical equipment, these sorts of products requires document “FDA” for most imports into the United States.

2. Unti-dumping Products: Unti-dumping products should be written in the commercial invoice, 80% of these products may be detained by customs for imports into the United States

3. Counterfeit Goods: Amazon FBA delivery in USA , 90% of counterfeit products will be examined by the customs in LAX and NYC. Less chance of examination b customs in Cincinnati.
4. Small declaration fee: Normally, duty payment required for shipment value more than 800 USD, but it will not be a lot of declaration fee. Amazon’s FBA warehouses are built in free-duty state, however, duty payment will be required in some transfer city for  
FBA delivery